How to Become a State Delegate


What is a delegate?

A delegate is a person elected from each local precinct to represent that precinct’s views and values at the county and state conventions. Delegates cast votes to decide who will appear on the primary ballot.

You live in one of about 2,100 Precincts across the state.
Each Precinct has about 1,000 registered voters.

What is a caucus?

  • Caucuses occur in even-numbered years
  • Caucuses can be held at churches, schools, homes, or city buildings.
  • This is where precincts elect their state and county convention delegates.
    1. Statewide race representatives are called state delegates (if you are running to support Jonathan for Governor, you will need to run as a state delegate)
    2. Every precinct will also elect county delegates.

How to become a Republican state delegate for Jonathan Johnson:

  • First, contact the Jonathan Johnson campaign at 801-892-0401 to let them know you plan on running as a state delegate.
  • Second, make sure you are registered as a Republican at your current address. (The Johnson campaign can also help you with this.)
  • Mark your calendar for the March 22nd caucus and the April 23rd convention.
  • Find out the location of your caucus. You can do so by calling 801-533-9777
  • Make sure you have friends or family who live in your precinct that are also registered Republicans and will come and support you at the caucus.
  • Come to your caucus prepared to introduce yourself for 1-2 minutes and talk about the following:
  • Your history in the precinct
  • How you plan to evaluate each candidate for office
  • Your support and concerns for your precinct
  • Lastly, ask for their vote!

After the caucus is over

  • Email your Name, Precinct number, and whether or not you were elected to the Jonathan Johnson campaign at

Then stay in touch with the campaign and help Jonathan win at the April 23rd convention!

Don’t forget your attendance is mandatory at the April 23rd convention in order to cast your vote for Jonathan Johnson.

Good luck!