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The Government doesn’t create jobs, businesses and individual entrepreneurs create jobs. Job growth is the result of the hard work and ingenuity in the private sector.  The government should ensure a fertile business environment by lessening regulation and allowing for innovation.

Utah has jobs – we need more careers

Utah’s unemployment rate is 3.4%.  It’s great that jobs are readily available along the Wasatch Front. However, a recent survey of Utah businesses found 71% have trouble hiring qualified employees for higher skilled positions – ones that allow workers to buy a home and get ahead.  Utah can close this gap by partnering with businesses to ensure government sponsored training programs and certifications better fill the business community’s needs.  We do this by focusing on career training programs (e.g., manufacturing, nursing, computer programming, skilled labor positions like welding, machinery, mechanics, etc.) where demand is currently unmet.

Promote Utah’s Tech Industry

I am an executive of one of Utah’s leading tech businesses.  I serve on the board of trustees of the Utah Technology Council.  I get tech.  And I understand what it takes to grow a start-up into a billion dollar business.  I will better promote Silicon Slopes, bringing more talent and attracting more capital to Utah.  Utah can significantly improve its business regulatory climate – one that currently hinders disruptive technologies like Zenefits, Tesla, and Airbnb from successfully doing business in Utah.  I’m the leader to grow Utah’s important tech industry.

Economy in Rural Utah

While the Wasatch Front is experiencing a healthy economy, much of rural Utah is suffering hard times.  For example, last year Garfield County declared an economic state of emergency because families there are forced to leave to find work and its school population is dwindling.  A strong rural Utah economy means families are able to live and support themselves where they want.  Federal overreach is severely suppressing rural Utah’s economy.  It’s time for a state leader who will push back against the decades of growing federal restrictions on the rural economy.  I’ll be that leader.  I’m from a family of eight boys and when any one of us was in a fight, all eight of us were in that fight.  Utah can’t continue to leave rural Utah to fight the behemoth federal government alone.

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