UTA Board Selection Statement

Earning and keeping public trust must be a hallmark of government. Each government agency must be a careful steward of taxpayer dollars.

It’s time to change how we decide who represents Utah’s taxpayers on the Utah Transit Authority’s Board of Trustees.  Taxpayers pay nearly all of UTA’s infrastructure costs and upwards of 80% of its operating costs. Utah voters – not well-connected politicos and career politicians – should determine who represents us as taxpayers.

I propose the following:

  • Decrease the UTA Board of Trustees from sixteen members to nine.
  • Have eight trustees elected by the public.
  • Have each elected trustee be from a specifically defined district (e.g., two per congressional district, one for eight equally divided population areas within the UTA service area, etc.).
  • Have one statewide trustee appointed by the governor and approved by the legislature.
  • Each trustee serves only one six year term.
  • Stagger the six year terms so three trustees are replaced every two years.

This plan will go a long way to restore public trust or, at the very least, hold the UTA Board of Trustees accountable to voters. If you support this reform, please add your name to the list of supporters below. If you think we can improve this plan or have questions about it, please submit a comment here.